Experience:270 MG seeds ipomoea tricolor v. heavenly blue (LSA) - My favourite one so far - PsychonautWiki

Experience:270 MG seeds ipomoea tricolor v. heavenly blue (LSA) - My favourite one so far

Experience reports - LSA


I prepared the mixture at around 4:00 pm and ate it immediately.


This “dish” tastes really good actually. I swallowed it in a matter of 5 minutes or less. I decided to lay down and just calmly wait hoping not to get this extreme nausea that those seeds are capable of producing.


As always with these seeds the experience starts with this weird feeling on my face, the very same feeling i felt after administering 1P-LSD the only difference is that it happened on my arms back then, now it is happening on my face. I assume it is because of vasoconstriction this substance produces. No nausea at this point.


I’m starting to feel just a little bit of nausea but it is far less than the nausea one will feel after just chewing the seeds on their own. Colours are getting a little bit brighter, I’m getting some laughter fits and I’m pretty sure I'm sweating a little bit more. When i stand up I feel a little lighter. Walking is weird, not difficult but just weird.


World is getting beautiful, colours are bright, straight edges of my environment are not so straight at this point, things start to bend, change shapes. I’m really enjoying this long come up phase. I realise I’m having a math lecture in 0,5h and I’m extremely excited about that.


Let’s begin our math lecture. I’m trying to write down as much as possible but I’m barely keeping up with my lectureur. Grid in my notebook bends and drifts back and forth. I’m tripping well, high as a kite laughing to myself. I understand every single thing on this lecture and I’m actually surprised about that because to be honest I was pretty sure I would quit the lecture due to the psychedelic effects and not being able to do anything. My headspace is not big at all at this point I mean my thought processes are altered noticeably but not significantly.


My friend K asked me if I would like to go to the beach with her, I agreed and once again I got so excited about that. Without further ado I went to take a shower. I look at myself in the mirror and my pupils are gigantic which I’m not surprised about since it is a serotonergic drug. After the shower I headed to get the soonest train. I notice three symmetry axes cutting my vision field radially. Every texture looks like a mandelbrot kind fractals, I’m amazed by that.


I arrived at K’s place and we are heading to the beach. I’m peaking right now, open eye fractal visuals blend with everything i see, there is a lot of people here but LSA is not really that potent mind alterer so I’m not freaking out like I would do after administering 1P-LSD or anything like that. I’m really enjoying this trip. Sand looks like a fractal carpet and so does the sea.


I’m getting off the peak. The visuals are still visible but they are getting milder slowly as the time passes.


I barely notice and visuals at this point, I assume the effects worn off yet I’m very surprised about long duration of this trip which later on I figured out that had to be the result of the way I administered those seeds.


Eating MG seeds with garlic is benefitial because garlic has sulfur alcaloids that neutralize some if not all the cyanogenic glycosides that MG seeds contain. What else I can say is that MG seeds blended with some kind of food may extend the come up phase and overall duration of the trip itself which in my opinion is a really good thing.

This is my first trip report which I hope you enjoyed. I’m intending to make more trip reports in the future.

Submitted by Kiffy

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