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Experience:4-AcO-DMT (20mg) - High Weight, No Effects

Experience reports - 4-AcO-DMT

  • Date: February 11, 2017
  • Gender: Male
  • Weight: 172 kg / 380 lbs
  • Age: 30


I want to preface this by saying this wasn't my direct experience - I was trip-sitting for a friend and found his experience might be useful for more accurate dosage information in the future.

I (as well as other people) have taken the same batch of the chemical he took, multiple times, at 15-20mg and found it to be very effective. I do not believe the quality of the chemical is in question.

My friend took this chemical at 9:30AM. He has no prior psychedelic experience, so I told him the best place to start is with a more reliable starting dosage like 20mg.

I had read somewhere that Tryptamines are less sensitive to body weight issues, and I have heard subjective reports from other heavier friends of mine that 30mg doses were pretty intense. We decided to start smaller and not risk it.

Right around 10:10AM my buddy told me he was starting to feel it, so we turned the music on and he tried to get comfortable.

I was reading a book and noticed over the next half an hour he seemed sedated and had his eyes closed, I figured everything was going well. Maybe 30-40 minutes later he got up and walked to the bathroom just fine, this struck me weird simply because, my first experience with psychedelics I ended up having to crawl to the bathroom (which, maybe this isn't normal, but it raised a red flag anyway).

At 11:10 he looks over at me, and I asked him how things were going. He said he's not really feeling it, that he felt a tiny bit of respiratory depression and some minor CEVs (I guess that were controllable) - he said he "felt a bit of something" but that it wasn't around anymore.

It's now 12:20 roughly and nothing is happening. Apparently the best way he knows how to describe his current state is "not great, kind of weirdly icky feeling, nothing happening visually or mentally, just physically kind of off".

I find this particularly interesting because, I've always heard about dosing things in mg/kg ratios, and how Tryptamines in general aren't as affected by this. Based on this experience I'd say there has to be *some* merit to it.

Effects analysis

  • Sedation - "over the next half an hour he seemed sedated and had his eyes closed"
  • Internal hallucination - "some minor CEVs (I guess that were controllable)"