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Experience:Diazepam (20/10mg, Oral) - Comfortably Drunk

Trip Reports - Diazepam

  • Date: June 13th, 2019
  • Time of Dosage: Around 6PM
  • Gender: Male
  • Weight: 101 kg / 224 lbs
  • Age: 24
  • Setting: My bedroom


First Dose: 20mg of pharmaceutical grade diazepam, taken orally.

T - 1 Hour Had a phone call with my dad that started around 6:30. Enjoyably conversation. First feelings of intoxication begin to take hold; my brain feels fuzzy, like a cleaner drunkenness. I wrap up the call as I'm beginning to struggle with holding a conversation as the fuzziness takes hold. Twinges of anxiety/adrenaline as I feel the high hitting me.

T - 1 Hour, 15 Minutes Starting to feel pretty fucked up, but it's still a little subtle for my liking; possibly the influences of the compulsive redosing element? I decide to take another 10mg of diazepam orally, bringing the total dose up to 30mg. I'm feeling pretty comfy and chill. Despite feeling psychologically cogent, the fuzzy dizziness is pretty intense. Listening to Youtube in the background as I write this. I'm normally a pretty excellent typist, but find I'm struggling a little bit to maintain my usual standards of accuracy. Kind of feeling hungry; the feeling is similar to being up at 3AM after drinking, and I'm REALLY craving a kebab.

T - 1 Hour, 30 Minutes I find when I use alprazolam (Xanax) I feel a little bit listless and bored. With this though, I'm feeling much less anxious and euphoric. Feeling just, groovy about everything. Spent some time fighting the impared motor functions to make little jenga towers out of pills. I tested out the muscle relaxant effect by trying to raise a hand for a while; didn't take long for it to drift back down to my desk. Toying with cooking something, but I use a really sharp knife and despite feeling more sober than I am, I am at least cogent enough to realise that cooking would be a bad idea.

Fuck I am SO hungry. Aughghghg. FOOD. WHERE FOOD.

T - 2 Hour, 30 Minutes I went and cooked some rice and szechuan sauce out of spare shit I had in the house. Found cooking very mellow and fun. The meal itself tasted incredible; while I'm a good cook, I definitely think that the diazepam did something with like, appetite potentiation or something. Yummo. Also totally forgot I had a cup of tea waiting in my room so that was a nice surprise. Toying with taking another 10mg but I'm not sure whether that would lead to unconsciousness or just a really mellow night. I am definitely feeling pretty sleepy and just deeply mellowed out.

Submitted by - Glint

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