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Experience:Zopiclone (30mg, oral) - DANGER

Experience reports - Zopiclone and Alcohol

  • Age: 16 years old at the time
  • Setting: Evening, I had my grandparents' house for myself and I decided to invite some friends.


We drank little bit and at midnight all my friends left except 2 people That's when I suggestested to my friend that we take 2 zopiclone each (15 mg). Something that I did regularly without problems.

Bad luck, the friend in question is insane and convinces me of taking 4 (30mg). At that time I did not know that I was going to make a big mistake and that I was just as stupid as he was.

So we take the zopiclone at once around 12:30 AM - 1:00 AM but 10 minutes after the ingestion my buddy had to vomit (he vomited a good part of the zop, about a third I would say in regard of the effects)

And that is the point the 2 of us are having a big blackout

Our friend who was sober filmed us under zop and ...

Buddy: He started to vomit again a short time after his first vomit loool and after we laid him on a bed he was not sleeping, he was in a state of severe drowsiness, was very hot, big hallus, and he knew not even where he was (convinced he was in his room). He ended up sleeping until I woke him up at night with a flame thrower (I will come back to it later)

Me: Impossible to sleep, HUGE HALLUS from what I said, I farted a cable and threw all the dishes and glasses against the walls. I saw a demon, then I made a flame thrower with deodorant and a lighter and I burned the wall of the room without thinking about what I was doing. Total loss of control (I had deodorant that burned on my hand and I did not feel anything, hyperactivity)

The next day at noon my parents arrived and there were still broken dishes all over the house, a huge mess and in fact I did not manage to wake up. My parents thought that I passed out and finally succeeded in waking me up with water on my head. Despite the fact I couldn't speak at all (impossible to articulate) and walk (exactly the same as when you are drunk dead) they did not wanted to call the police, so that they don't tests me for drugs but they said to go to the hospital. At the hospital at 2 PM I was still in the same state. They said that I had to rest so I went home my memories came back at 5 p.m.


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