Experience: 100 mg Tapentadol (Oral) - A Fun Time - PsychonautWiki

Experience: 100 mg Tapentadol (Oral) - A Fun Time

Experience reports - Tapentadol

  • Date: 2021-02-23
  • Age: 17
  • Sex: Male
  • Height: 193 cm or 6'4
  • Weight: 69.8 kg or 154 lbs
  • Miscellaneous
    • Medication:
      • I ended up consuming 1000 mg of theanine, 50 mg of promethazine, 10 mg of levomepromazine, and 4 mg of alprazolam.
      • I took 30 mg of mirtazapine the night before which I'm prescribed for depression, anxiety, and insomnia.
      • I also took 75 mg of quetiapine for sleep.
      • I also consumed some supplements as well as 5 mg of desloratadine like I do daily to ease the symptoms of my cat allergy.
      • I also inhale 320 µg of budenoside and 9 µg of formoterol once in the morning and once in the evening for asthma.
    • Experience level: First time doing tapentadol but a decent amount of experience with other opioids like oxycodone.
    • Set & setting: High spirit, good mood, watching Netflix. I've been a little over a month clean from oxycodone and all opioids, but I had been craving that opioid rush ever since so I decided to relapse.


T+00:00 - Time of ingestion 13:30.

T+00:10 - I feel my arm itching. Looks like there's a weird patch of skin on my right arm.

T+00:12 - Itching in multiple places now but especially on my right arm.

T+00:15 - Starting to feel a little sedated.

T+00:28 - Successfully urinated and prepared a mango to snack on while watching the latest episode of Snow Piercer.

T+00:31 - Ripped off a band-aid from a blood test I took earlier today. No significant pain reduction.

T+00:41 - Mmmm I'm feeling good. Nodding off. Everything feels right. I'm chilling hard.

T+00:44 - Gonna attempt to defecate now and browse Reddit for a bit.

T+01:02 - Still feeling good.

T+01:41 - Very slight itching. I'm supposed to help my father carry something heavy we're going to sell so I'm not gonna redose now. But I think I'll take another 50 mg or maybe even 100 mg along with 1 mg of alprazolam or 25 to 50 mg of promethazine.

T+01:45 - I've been fucking around on Psychonaut Wiki and other drug related pages for more than half an hour now so I'm gonna get back to watching the remaining 13 minutes of my show.

T+01:47 - Never mind, I'm gonna take 25 mg of promethazine and another 50 mg of tapentadol.

T+01:52 - Redosed, 25 mg of promethazine and 50 mg of tapentadol.

T+02:06 - No constricted pupils by the way like I get with oxycodone. Note from the future: I did 200 mg the next day, along with 50 mg of promethazine, 10 mg of levomepromazine, and 1 mg of alprazolam. This time it gave me constricted pupils. So the amount I took was too low for the classic opioid effects. It was definitely still pleasurable though. If anything, constricted pupils are an unwanted side effect. I added this because I thought it was worth mentioning that the substance does in fact produce constricted pupils.

T+02:26 - Gonna pop a xan (1mg). I know that's a no-no but we're talking low doses, a GABA tolerance, and an experience report from Erowid where the reportee had a great time.

T+02:28 - Successfully popped the xan. Going to play some chess now.

T+02:31 - Missed an obvious thing in chess. It must be hitting. I do think that opioids are far less cognitively impairing than benzodiazepines. After I've experimented with tapentadol thoroughly I'll try some carisoprodol. From what I've heard it's more like a benzodiazepine, and based on my username you might see why I would like that.

T+03:07 - Little brother almost split my face open after slamming the bathroom door open. Pretty pissed about that. Physically, however, I feel very calm and sedated. I am going to take yet another xan so I get the most out of this experience.

T+03:09 - Ingested another 1 mg of alprazolam and 25 mg of promethazine.

T+03:22 - My AirPods just randomly decided to die on me. I can connect to them but they don't play anything. Kinda ruining my experience. But, oh well, guess everyone else will just have to listen to my music then.

T+04:14 - Been playing chess. Was nodding out for real right after I took that second xan. I experienced some concerning respiratory depression. I feel more alert now though

T+04:47 - The urge to redose is strong. It was a nice feeling. I'll try 100 mg all at once probably tomorrow.

T+04:51 - Took 10 mg of levomepromazine and another xan. I'm going to work a bit on the wiki now.

T+05:43 - Took another xan. Might play some games with a friend.

T+06:30 - Took my night medication.

T+07:25 - Took 1 g of theanine. In conclusion, this drug has a positive effect on me, but the doses I was taking were probably too low.


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