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Experience: 40+ mg A-PHP

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This person has been using this particular stimulant, A-PHP for several years now, off and on. It's one of the best euphoric stimulants out there, makes you really open and chatty. You can clean the house like a goddamn champ. Video games are great, particularly very engaging ones that demand a lot of concentration.

Now for the warning. Let me begin by saying that this person is NOT by nature an addictive person; he's done a ton of drugs, including coke, heroin, psychedelics, etc, and have had no issues doing them once in a while, or cutting it off at the end of the night at a reasonable time. Not so with A-PHP. He smokes it, and as soon as he take the first puff, he almost immediately want more. This seems to be totally divorced from how good he's feeling - He could be railed to his eyeballs and still be thinking about hitting it again. It almost seems like the act/taste of smoking is what he wants, the high is almost secondary. Anyway, I'd strongly recommend staying away from this drug if you have any addictive tendencies or impulse control issues AT ALL. It could easily ruin your life. As it is it takes a herculean amount of willpower to stop it and go to bed at the end of the night. If you DO feel like one needs to try it, maybe stick to snorting it - he did that before he discovered smoking and it's much less compulsive. Another option, if you really want to do this shit, is get a time-release safe, so you can set it to not open until the next day, to forcibly cut if off when you want to stop for the night. This worked good for a while until one drunken night where a friend talked him into drilling into that fucker.

I just wanted to put this out there, since he is a proponent of responsible drug use, and unlike any other drug he's tried he doesn't think this is possible with this drug.

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