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Catha edulis (botany)
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Catha edulis
Taxonomical nomenclature
Kingdom Plantae
Unranked Angiosperms
Unranked Eudicots
Unranked Rosids
Order Celastrales
Family Celastraceae
Genus Catha
Species C. edulis
Common nomenclature
Synonyms Catha edulis, Catha forskalii, Catha inermis, Celastrus edulis, Dillonia abyssinica, Trigonotheca serrata[1]
Common names Khat, Qat, Alqat, Chat, Abyssinian Tea, Somali Tea, Miraa, Arabian Tea, and Kafta
Active constituents Cathinone

Catha edulis, Commonly know as Khat, Qat, (Arabic: القات)


Distribution and Habitat





Yemeni chewing khat


Legal issues

  • Germany:
  • Canada: Khat forsk, its preparations, derivatives, alkaloids and salts (including Cathine) are illegal as a Schedule IV substance.[2]
  • United Kingdom: Khat is a Class C drug.[3]
  • United States: Khat is a Schedule I drug.[4]
  • Israel:
  • Yemen:
  • Ethiopia:
  • Uganda:
  • Kenya:
  • Somalia:
  • Djibouti:

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