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Deliriant tripsitting

Deliriant tripsitting is defined as the techniques which directly alter deliriant cognition in a manner that improves the functionality or perceived functionality of the user.

This page lists and describes the various deliriant tripsitting techniques.

Deliriant antidotes

Deliriant antidotes are defined as any chemical compound directly associated with the reduction of the subjective effects of deliriant compounds such as datura or DPH.

This page lists commonly available deliriant antidotes.


Main article: Physostigmine

Physostigmine is a compound known to reverse the effects of anticholinergics such as datura and DPH.[1] As an inhibitor of the enzyme which breaks down acetylcholine, physostigmine counteracts the effects of deliriants on the central nervous system and peripheral nervous system. As physostigmine is a prescription-only drug in most locations, it cannot often be reliably obtained. Physostigmine is used to reverse deliriant poisoning in hospitals.[1]

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