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Experience:2mg Etizolam & N2O - "Hippy Crack" Indeed

Experience reports - Nitrous Oxide

  • Date: 2017
  • Gender: Female
  • Weight: 45 kg / 100 lbs
  • Age: 21
  • Misc: After a long day of work I dosed on 2 mg etizolam and noticed that my nitrous oxide had arrived in the mail. This is only my second time doing nitrous and my first time doing it alone. I do not know how much I consumed, but it was awesome. I have experience with various dissociatives and a mild etizolam tolerance.



Notes taken during the experience:

the geometric replications seemed dependent upon the audio which itself was replicated. beautiful geometry, mathematical shapes, circles and things  replicating to form circles
beautifuk four point ven diagriams, everything seemed depnndemt upon circles.
circular geometry and replications
dont load too much, back pressure
tacticle sensations and vibrations originating from point of contact
truly is hippy crack, very compulsive and fades fast
5:55pm - functional enough to check mail and type, yet still getting interlocking circle geometry, venn diagrams x10
6pm - feels like a lot more time has passed, got full color spectrum of circle replications, like circles originating from one point. euphoric mentally. auditory echoing. music enhancement.
6:05 - did 3 more, no wonder they used this for anesthetics this is immersive af, sedation may be enhanced by etizolam
6:10 - completely immersive experience, numbnessm  visual geometry OEV & CEV, 4 points from which circles originated from
6:15 - seems to come in 5 min bouts, with the visuals still being open eyed at this point. 
poits from whicn nmm evuiwvateted upon, they ewwere  depedenet upon sounnd more so than visual stimul. numbness is fast to fade
radiatitates iys wards,l visuakky and socially very rewarding worh the money, reduces me closed eyed and mouth open on chair can see why used for dentistry
drum and bass is simply incredible on this drug
the origins of the circles seemed to multiply and the axes would increase as i dud more, has it really only been 40 minutes?
music ties in with physical effects

As you can see, typing was very hard. I believe that the etizolam was increasing any anesthetic effects and greatly increasing sedation, which makes sense. This was an incredibly immersive experience for about 5 minutes at a time, after 32gs inhaled within a minute. The visual effects were colorful, started as closed eye only, and ended with both closed and open eye visuals. Circles were the main visual theme of the experience, as I did more the points from which they originiated increased in an incredibly geometric and mathematical way. Points of tactile contact and music enhanced the visuals greatly.

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