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  • Date: 02/2020
  • Age: 20
  • Sex: F
  • Height: 5'2" / 157 cm
  • Weight: 47 kg / 105 lb
  • ROA: Intranasally
  • Misc: Take Lexapro 10 mg daily, clonazepam .5 3x a day medication for 7 years, and cannabis


T+ 0:00 Dosed 13 mg with this report after previous doses wearing off from redosing up to 210 mg today and the night before. Before dosing, I was anxious and feeling uncomfortable residual stimulation from the redosing as the euphoria was wearing off from the previous doses. (3-fpm is not usually anxious or has much of a comedown unless there has been redosing)

T+ 0:10 I immediately notice the calming effects of 3-fpm, my vision brightens and I start feeling a warm tingling sensation throughout my body, typical ego inflation, euphoria and motivation that I would expect from no tolerance adderall in small to moderate amounts. My heart rate has been solidly at 105-120 since I began the earlier doses before starting to analyze it, initially it was 95-100 until I started redosing, as it seems redosing brings out the typical stimulant side effects from other stims. Blood pressure is "Ideal" 118/75

T+ 1:30 Slowly am getting tired from the time I started this report but still have a focused wide awake mind. As the initial euphoria wears off, I'm getting the fiendish type feelings people report when they had been redosing, anxiety and increased heart rate, residual stimulation type stuff. Music sounds more "clear" BP 135/83 HR 120, raising from anxiety/the temptation to redose.

T+3:00 Anxiety and temptations to redose had cleared up and is more of a focus stimulation now, extremely heady. Still an uplift of euphoria, not as intense as the first hour. Oral fixation chewing/Clenching is present, not as bad as how amphetamines would make me clench, no magnesium needed but would be preferrable if you were taking this to replenish.

T+3:34 Anxiety and temptation to redose are waxing and weaning. Definitely showing the power of how fiendish this substance can be.

T+ 7:00 I redosed about two hours ago 10 mg, but I'm now coming down and feeling ready for bed. HR still elevated but it's still coming down. Of course since this was done in multiple redoses the comedown is more intense than a single dose, but it's still surprisingly smooth. This can be quite compulsive with redosing when using in recreational amounts, it's still quite functional and less fiendish at smaller doses. Overall, the experience was a very relaxing stimulation, but redosing definitely can add an edge to it and make it anxious between comedowns. During the comedown, it almost feels like my tactile senses are more sensitive and it's satisfying to scratch my scalp. It's an interesting substance, and especially a unique stimulant. I've never felt a stimulant that posessed anxiolytic like powers, unfortunately I was a silly goose by redosing ruining that element of the stimulant and bringing out more of the edgy side.

Submitted by Avogato

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