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Experience:3 bowls of cannabis indica - I wrote down unintelligible gibberish

Trip Reports - Cannabis (indica)

  • Date: September 30, 2016
  • Gender: Male
  • Weight: ~40 kg / ~90 lbs
  • Age: 21
  • Dosage: 3 small pipe bowls of cannabis indica (Rockstar strain[1])
  • Set and setting: Relaxed and happy mindset. Familiar and comfortable environment (my bedroom, late at night when everyone else is sleeping). Dark room, TV quietly on, and body tucked into bed.


"Okay well what should I do about the thing?"
"I feel warm and happy"
"I see red lines [in] my [field] of vision"

Before I started school two months ago, I was a heavy cannabis smoker, having a routine and lighting up at the same time every single night. Once my program started, I noticed myself smoking less often, due to the heavy coursework demands. For the past three weeks, I was engaged in an intense anatomy and physiology course. I had finished my final exam and decided to get high to celebrate my epic marks. Seeing as I haven't smoked in three weeks, I expected my high to be an intense one.

11:45 pm. I packed the first bowl into my new pipe and took a hit. I was texting my friend and told her I was already feeling the effects. At 11:50, I packed and smoked two more bowls, then cleaned up and put away my stash.

Several minutes passed since I took the last hit, and by midnight, the effects became prominent. I felt a wave of heavy calmness and sedation wash over me. I started to hear a ringing sound in my ears; when I'm high on cannabis, that ringing sound is the signal that I'm peaking and about to trip. I closed my eyes and became overwhelmed at the loudness of my brain.

Behind closed eyes and within my "loud brain", I tripped out hardcore. I felt like I was spinning. My body tingled all over and I had a subtle sense of euphoria. My thought processes made absolutely no sense to me. I was on my phone and felt like I wasn't in control of my thumbs. For some reason, I opened up a notetaking app and started to type random phrases, letters, words, and just plain gibberish. A lot of the text I typed was from my keyboard's auto-correction/auto-prediction feature, but mostly I was trying to put down my unsober thoughts and make sense of what was happening in my mind. I stared at the screen and saw red lines running down my phone. I had this encompassing feeling of warmth and happiness.

When I'm high, my mind creates scenarios and visualizations partially based on my experiences and encounters with people and the world around me. While in this incredibly hazy state of mind, eyes closed, I envisioned myself in this dream-like world. I was with this being who told me to dance. The being's "body" consisted of geometric and colorful patterns. I danced as my surroundings swirled and spiraled around me. Everything became distorted, and I suddenly slipped and my world collapsed inwards. At that moment, I physically jerked back to awareness and consciousness. I opened my eyes, mind still foggy, and thought about what just happened.

Submitted by Zygomatt

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