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Experience:4-HO-MET 22mg oral

Trip Reports - 4-HO-MET

  • Date: 2017-08-09
  • Gender: Male/Female
  • Weight: 109 kg / 240 lbs
  • Age: 30


Me and my GF took 22mg 4-ho-met, started playing a card game, when it finished we really felt we had to lie down. In bed we cuddle for an hour or so with a huge body load. Then it was over. So all the physical effects of mushrooms with none of the psychedelic ones, except for thick, slightly blurry vision at common dosage. No nausea whatsoever. Felt cold. Didn't feel like any sort of seratonin/noradrenalin/dopamine alteration. Kind of a let down. Afterwards we didn't experience the exhaustion often accompanied with mushrooms either. Unsure of its application. Date rape drug? No it's too clear headed. Maybe a novelty for kids. We might try increasing the dose but these properties aren't what we're searching for in a psychedelic substance, maybe I'll just buy 4-aco-dmt instead next time.

Submitted by - Ponty27

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