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Experience:400ug LSD + weed + nitrous -- Fundamental insights into the universe

Experience reports - LSD, Cannabis and Nitrous oxide


I wanted to write a trip report, a introduction for what some of the experiences one can have on psychedelics are, and a first topic for PsychonautWiki's new mailing list. I took 400μg of LSD tonight, mixed with some smoked cannibals and hits of nitrous. I've felt like I've been shown fundamental patterns in the universe. I've been one with reality, God, oneness, being Some of the experiences I've had are almost ineffable, there aren't words to describe them. This experience has given me a lot to think about in terms of how consciousness emerges.

It seems that LSD links together your visual cortex with other areas of your brain, I felt like I was able to see 'see' my mind in completely new ways that provided genuine insight into the nature of existence. Taking hits of nitrious while on LSD instantly bought me to ego-death in exquisite detail. As if I was able to see my sense of self construct itself in real time from inanimate matter. I feel like I was able to see for minutes what people might spend years and years meditating towards to catch a glimpse of. My entire sense of self has changed. I could see myself see the space between my perceptions and watched in real time as my sense of 'self' dissolved as the framerate of consciousness broke down.

At times it almost felt like I was perceiving reality on some higher plane of consciousness, some different frequency than normal, it felt like I was just the cog of some global brain, some underlying global mind that exists on a different level of consciousness than our own. It seems that consciousness is not nearly as complicated as I thought it would be, but is a pattern that naturally flows from particle interactions like a fractal. There's something very fundamental and not-complicated at all about the way consciousness is implemented, a fundamental pattern that repeats itself.

As times it felt like I was almost merging in with other possible universes. Different possible way reality could be. I felt like I was seeing different lifetimes flash before my eyes, that I was seeing something incredibly fundamental and mathematical about trust and resource allocation in connection with reality, existence, and being. For those of you who are not aware I'm very interested in artificial intelligence and I've been researching different projects that attempt to replicate human intelligence. These drugs have a huge potential for AI and cognitive psychology. It could revolutionize the field.

At times it felt like I was moving quickly thought different strata of existence, as if I was quickly traversing through a God-like omnipotence to the very fundamental building blocks of particle interactions, seeing the whole emerge. It was a profoundly spiritual experience, some of the most profound beauty I've ever experienced.

It will take me some more time to collect my thoughts. But I hope that anyone who found this post interesting will either get in touch with me or join the very active IRC community on PsychonautWiki.

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