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Experience:Marijuana Withdrawal

Experience reports - Cannabis withdrawal

  • Date: March 2017
  • Gender: Male
  • Weight: 45 kg / 100 lbs
  • Age: 26

The last day of consuming cannabis was 3/8/2017. Effects of withdrawal, based on this report, were felt until 3/26/17.


  • Monday the 6th: Around 10AM I got a tightening in my chest. Similar to precordial catch syndrome (symptoms of PCS are often described as a "bubble in the chest" sometimes associated with the feeling of a "bubble popping" or cracking sensation which usually resolves the pain). Left arm tingled. Pinkie and ring finger in left arm felt numb. I felt my heart clicking. I had severe chest pain when I would lay on my back or on my left side. Took 400Mg of ibuprofin.
  • Tuesday the 7th: Chest pain continue. Heart still clicks. Smoked marijuana. Went to the ER late at night. Breathing rate fantastic. EKG reads fantastic. Oxygen level is fantastic.Heart rate is fantastic. Took an xray and found nothing wrong. Paid $560 for ER visit. Wallet hurt more than my heart.
  • Wednesday the 8th: Shipped vape pen out to FishcenterNicole. Happy birthday. Used it before I sent it out. Last day of smoking wax/THC.
  • Thursday the 9th: Getting cravings to smoke. Had cigarellos that came in a 3 pack. I had used them to roll blunts. Smoked a 1/4 but it tasted gross and made my mouth feel disgusting. Stopped and threw it out.
  • Friday the 10th: So busy didn't have time to think about smoking.
  • Saturday the 11th: Pathfinder/DND from 3PM to 11PM. Friend smokes medically from his vape nearby. Glanced over regularly. Got cravings to smoke.
  • Sunday the 12th: St Patty's. Went to the bar. Had 1 1/2 Jello shots. Burger. Walked with friends as they looked for a place to smoke. They found a gazebo and passed a bowl around. Didn't partoke. Went house-hopping. Had 1/2 a can of beer. Stopped because it was gross.
  • Monday the 13th: Was fine all day. Kept waking up at night. I remember I had dreams but can't recall what they were about. Smoked hookah.
  • Tuesday the 14th: Worked from home. Cooped up with family all day. Spoke to mom about weed/bong/bowls/blunts/joints/shrooms/LSD/DMT/opiates/molly/cigs. Had strong cravings to smoke and no appetite. Woke up repeatedly at night.
  • Wednesday the 15th: Woke up several times at night. Went to work. Too busy to think about smoking but got a strange body high while playing ping pong at lunch. Went to friend's house. He used a wax pen. Had given him my grinder. Tiny bong was on the table. No cravings. Got chicken soup. Marathoned an anime and saw live action.
  • Thursday the 16th: Woke up groggy. Had a dream where someone kept trying experiments on me. Kept drawing unsafe amounts of blood from me. Felt dizzy. Woke up several times during the night. Went to work. Irritated because of traffic but that's normal. Worked through the workday without issue. Browsing internet and came across mentioning of hard drugs. Had cravings for a second.
  • Friday the 17th: Woke up a few times during the night. Had a dream where I had to carry my motorcycle up a flight of stairs. Irritation from traffic. More than usual. R3 turned into SV650. Worked through the whole day without cravings. Slept well but was still tired. Smoked hookah. I've noticed I've been smoking more hookah. Slept at 10. Passed out on the sofa.
  • Saturday the 18th: Woke up at 5AM on the sofa. Moved to bed. Had a hangnail on pinkie toe that kept snagging on my bed sheets. Kept waking up. Rode my bike. My anti-drug. Gave it to the dealership to fix a recall. Spoke to friend about drugs. Going to give the rest of my weed to him. Got cravings, Went home. Passed out on the sofa. Had a dream about running a convenience store for my uncle. Very vivid. Saw guys pocket candy. Called them out. They ran. Shot one in the shoulder.More theive came in. Shot one under the chin. Woke myself up. Went to my bed.
  • Sunday the 19th: Went to church. Cravings for hookah. Went to friend's house. Rolled him a joint. No cravings.
  • Monday the 20th through Friday the 24th: No smoking or cravings. I had forgotten about it completely. Friday I had vivid dreams that felt like they lasted 3 days. Woke up exhausted.
  • Saturday the 25th: Went to birthday oarty at 6. Asked bartender for something fruity and delicious. Was good. Ordered another. Drank 3/4. Gave the rest away. Stayed til 11. Dropped friend off at her house. Went to after-party. People smoked weed. Didn't partoke. Took a sip of a drink to taste test. No cravings to smoke.
  • Sunday the 26th: Played Pathfinder/DND. Ate pizza. Didn't sleep well. Had vivid dreams and woke up during the night. See Sleep Paralysis.

Submitted by Potato

Effects analysis

Withdrawal effects

There was an overall increase of dream activity throughout the withdrawal experience.