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Experience: 15mg 4-HO-MET My First Trip

Experience reports - 4-HO-MET

  • Date: 30/12/2016
  • Age: 30
  • Gender: Male
  • Height:
  • Weight: 60 kg / 132 lbs
  • Misc: Dosage is 15 mg ingested orally


I have had some limited experience with other milder psychedelics such as 2C-B and DOM but neither of them produced effects anywhere near as intense as 4-HO-MET has for me. This is why I felt compelled to try to write down my experience for others to help them decide if this is a drug that they would like to try.

T+0 = 6:45pm

I put 15mg in a cup and then poured some cherry cola into the glass and then drank it, the taste was awful as bad MDMA can be and I had to down the rest of the cola to get rid of the taste. I had not eaten any food since 12:30pm.


Every drug I have ingested orally has taken a minimum of 25 minutes even on an empty stomach and so imagine my suprise when the wobble that I get when on drugs started and the colours started to get noticably more intense. I went into the bathroom and checked my eyes and the pupils where dilated noticeably, I then looked at the shower curtain and the entire surface rippled like there where thousands of snake under the surface. This drug really took me by suprise so I sat down in order to focus better but my hearing ramped up and I could my Uncle and Dad talking about drugs and murders in some country my Uncle had been to, this was not what I wanted to hear at the start of a trip and so I dashed up to my room.


Once in my room I felt completely overwhelmed just had to get into bed, by this point I was having some trouble coordinating myself and so getting undressed was very clumsy and I knocked over several things. Once in bed I didn't fall asleep instead I fell into a world inside my head full of visions of all sorts, at one point early on all of these german words just seemed to be flung at my brain none of which was I able to understand maybe this is due to my Nanna being german? At several points I had some strong bouts of nausea followed by equally strong euphoria, every time I opened my eyes my dark room was full of distortions and any limited light from outside was just amazing.

Unfortunately I lost complete track of time at this point on and all I describe is what I can remember, at several points when I thought of my phone which always sits on my bedside table a bright white light just like that of the phones lock screen would appear in my peripheral vision even though at some point I lost my phone somewhere in my sheets weird. A few times my thoughs went off down some more disturbing paths but I was able to steer myself away from these somehow.

The one thing that stands out most in my mind from this period is of having my thoughts get slightly stuck in a kind of recurring theme about time and history and how all of the different senses intersect it was interesting but eventually got a little frustrating as I knew I was going over the same thing in my head over and over from every different angle. This even managed to get me out of bed, to turn on my light and had me pacing about a bit which meant I knocked over more things in my room. This part most reminded me of when I had the flu when in my teens and actually even had me muttering some of my thoughts out loud.


I arose from the peak of the trip after what felt like what must of been a whole day but in fact only several hours had passed, my body was cool my tongue felt way too sensitive and I kept trying to get what felt like some hair off of it but had to stop myself as I knew there was nothing there. My hands felt really tight and swollen I think due to the fact that they where so sensitive. I went to get a drink and everywhere there where distortions in my vision, my skin looked like it was rippling.

Once back in bed I wanted to get some sleep as I was starting to feel quite drained but my mind wanted to reflect on what I had been through and I was starting to get a slight headache, so I was awake till sometime after 5:00am. During this time I was able to find myself getting easily arosed and if I had wanted to could of had some fun but didn't want to push myself to much this time, maybe it would be nice to be intimate with a sexy woman after the intial peak has run its course.


This was a real fun first time, 4-HO-MET really grabbed me hard and took me on what was an mind bending trip. I hope to try later when I get the time after the tolerance has subsided and maybe this time try some music.

I hope this helps to inform others as to the effects of this fantastic drug.

Submitted by Boyks

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