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Experience: 25ug ALD-52 - Untitled

Experience reports - ALD-52 25ug, Cannabis, and Lorazepam

  • Date: 01/10/2018
  • Age: 27
  • Sex: Male
  • Height: 5' 11" (180cm)
  • Weight: 84 kg / 185 lbs
  • Misc: Regularly cannabis user, occasionally use Rx Lorazepam for anxiety.


Last night I had some free time and some materials but I wasn’t sure how hard I wanted to throw myself at the wall, so I ripped and ate 1/4 of a tab. At a later date I consumed the other 3/4 of the tab and confirmed it was evenly dosed.

Began by laying on the futon and listening to TV, cuddling with my partner with my eyes closed, being already fairly high from cannabis. Around 30 minutes into the experience a slight body high emerges. This slowly grows over the next hour or so. At T+90m I go out for another bowl.

I’d taken a therapeutic dose of Lorazepam (0.5mg) around T-4h, and so topped up another 0.5mg around the T+90m mark. I wasn’t feeling super anxious but did this to prevent being surprised by a Lorazepam comedown while on psychedelics.

It was continuing to intensify at T+4H when I would normally be at the peak of an LSD experience, but “intensify” is the wrong word because it was a very calm and relaxed experience. I didn’t get the electric tingling body high I do from LSD, more like my entire body was embraced in a warm hug. I don’t know if this comes from expectations from having read about it, because scientifically I would expect identical affects to LSD, but I’m not complaining at all and hope to find this again.

Around this time we moved to the bedroom and sex was somewhat enhanced, and afterwards I went back down to the basement for lights out yoga and meditation. At this point the 25ug was working it’s very hardest. Experienced vibrating vision (I think due to eye twitching — never experienced this on LSD but have read about it on DMT/MET), and in downward facing positions the carpet would somewhat spin, as if a 6-inch circle was cut out and being rotated, but no characteristic warping. Listened to a meditation video and while the headspace wasn’t much different from sobriety I was able to experience the totality of my sensory input without judgment for a few fleeting seconds at a time, which is my goal in meditation.

After I came back upstairs I enjoyed another bowl and straddled the edge between level 3 and level 4 closed eye geometry. Keep in mind I achieve level 3 on cannnabis very regularly, so this was only slightly more complex thanks to the ALD-52.

Around T+7h I joined my partner in bed and the next thing I remember was her telling me she’s leaving for work. Apparently no difficulty falling asleep (had Trazodone on standby) and slept straight through her getting ready this morning.

5/5 would take this dose again, but I might be cautious about microdosing ALD-52. It does a lot in small amounts.

Submitted by Maethor1337

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  • Geometry - "I enjoyed another bowl and straddled the edge between level 3 and level 4 closed eye geometry"
  • Vibrating vision - "Experienced vibrating vision (I think due to eye twitching"