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Hi guys, I'm one of the wiki's administrators and resident chemistry "expert". Currently in my second year of a biochemistry degree.

Any specific substance guides requiring chemistry sections should be added to my to-do list below, and I shall get on with them as soon as possible! I also write up a lot of the neuroscience and pharmacology sections. Most of the complicated science that isn't directly related to the drug's subjective effects tends to be my department :)

I also wrote the Scientific Information section; if there's anything you feel needs to be added into it, shoot me any email, or add it to my to-do list.

Stay safe kids, watch out for dem fractals yo!

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Drum and bass, grime, trance, rap... Stuff I can dance to, ghetto shit. I love raving.
Mostly non-fiction science books, mixed in with the odd fantasy or sci-fi novel.
Video games
Fallout, MMOs, WoW, AC, Halo, Destiny, CoD, Battlefield...
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August 20th
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posted 1830 days ago

Hey I made the list for you!!!! Thank you so much <33333 hugs

posted 1841 days ago

Welcome back! :) <3

posted 2119 days ago

Sup Amebro <3333333333 :)