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I wish to contribute to the community more in terms of experience reports and documenting the subjective effects of the newer research chemicals entering the scene. Harm reduction is also a huge goal of mine.

Drug of choice

1) Opiates

2) Dissociatives 3) Marijuana

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El Topo

A Nun's Story


[adultswim] - 'nuff said


Genres I love;


Post Rock




Anything and everything that is good - from rap to Chopin


Plato, Kant, Chuang Tzu, and David Foster Wallace are some of my favorite Authors.


I am ridiculously french and love cooking with traditional European and french Canadian meals. I also love to bake and make a variety of pastries, breads, sweets, and quiches.

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March 8th

About me

- Harm Reduction

- Experience Reports (creation and organization)

- Tek/Extraction/General Chemistry Stuff

- Resident ex-junkie

- Assistant to all and open to any and all questions <3

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posted 2724 days ago

hey, actually that section was for this:

Supervised injection sites (SIS)[1] (also known as supervised injection facilities,[2] safe injection sites[1] fix rooms,[3] safer injection facilities (SIF), drug consumption facilities (DCF)[4] or medically supervised injection centers (MSIC)[5]) are legally-sanctioned, medically-supervised facilities designed to reduce nuisance from public drug use and provide a hygienic and stress-free environment in which individuals are able to consume illicit recreational drugs intravenously.[4]

But your article idea will fit in as well if I just rename it. :) so feel free to write it

posted 2732 days ago

thanks so much!!!!! $10 is plenty, obviously more would always be better when it comes to donations lol but this is already more than enough to be helpful :) We really appreciate the gesture! FYI there's a reward of one silly drawing by me for anyone who donates $10 or more but its only sometimes requested xD

The new injection guide is looking great! I'll tidy it up very soon and link to it on the mainpage. Did you make much progress on the DXE dosages?

posted 2734 days ago

Done. :)

Please let me know when you're finished with the sharing needles article so that I can look it over and move it out of the talk page. Thank you!

posted 2734 days ago

How about we rename it to "Sharing Injection Equipment" and you explicitly name "sharing needles" in some brackets, bold, so that it can be googled for?

posted 2734 days ago

Then that's a terminology problem, isn't it? Needle sharing sounds pretty needle-ish..

posted 2734 days ago

Thanks a lot for the needle sharing article! Please make sure to create new articles on their discussion page first, then we will publish it to the main when it is ready. Besides that, how does needle sharing separate from safe injection?

posted 2736 days ago

Welcome to PsychonautWiki, Nicole.

While reviewing your most recent edit ( I noticed a recurring pattern in your effect edits: can you please always ensure the capitalization of the first word in the description and a period in the end?

Clarity spoke well about you - that means a lot. I hope you feel the energy of this project and we can have you join the inner circle soon. If you have any questions about technical issues, guidelines, CI, media strategy or simply want to exchange some words, I'm always around.

-- Kenan

posted 2739 days ago

No problem! :) Yeah, it is definitely busy work maintaining but I am unemployed so the wiki is basically my entire life and I have lots of time to work on it and help contributors.

Thanks for the injection guide!! Just saw it. Let me know if you need any other help with the wiki <3

BTW since you said you're interested in writing harm reduction, there's a harm reduction section on the to-do list as well as a bunch of red links on this template that need to be filled in. But no pressure or anything, just contribute what you can. :)

posted 2740 days ago

You can upload images here :) Let me know if you need help formatting it into an article.

posted 2740 days ago

Hey, sorry for the late reply!

Thanks so much! I honestly don't have experience or knowledge about injecting so it would be helpful if you could help with that.

Here's a skeleton page for the withdrawal effects:

But, honestly, you don't even need to bother with the formatting since I can easily just fix it for you (or someone else will).

Here's one for safe injection:

Feel free to add any category you feel is needed