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To progress the exponential self-complexification process of this universal existence system.

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Drug of choice

Psys: ayahuasca, 4-aco-dmt, 2c-p, 2ct7, 2cb

Dissos: mxe, 3-meo-pcp, n20 dck

Stims: 2fma, 4fa, mdma

Depressants: xanax, heroin, phenibut

Noots: theanine, NAC, alpha-gpc, armodafanil

Other: weed, salvia

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fight club, disney, dark city


adventure time, rick and morty, bobs burgers, regular show, steven universe, monkey dust, vice news, the trews


Regina Spektor, chvrches, Tally Hall, Metric, StarFucker, Shpongle, OTT, Mischief brew, Dan Le Sac vs. Scroobius Pip, Pink Floyd, Stars, KickBong, Jonathan Coulton


The Book: On the Taboo Against Knowing Who You Are by Alan Watts, The Cthulhu mythos or anything by H.P Lovecraft in general

Video games

portal 1/2, super mario 1/2/3, yoshi's island, minecraft, morrowind, zelda - ocarina of time, zelda - windwaker


The blood of the innocent

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josie kins


Fort Collins, Colorado,


hastings, United Kingdom


February 24th


Professional unemployed person.

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Hyperspace, the Nightospehere, Hastings (UK), Raleigh (USA), Madison (USA)


I was educated and raised by Google, Wikipedia, 4chan, Reddit and Terence Mckenna/ Alan Watts lectures. They taught me everything I know.

About me

Hey there, I am the person who founded this website and one of a very small group of people who have devoted themselves to actively improving it.

I have dedicated my life to mapping out that which has never before been mapped out. I genuinely believe that exploration of inner space is the next frontier for the human species and has the potential to change us all on a level never previously anticipated by society at large. I am full of purpose and there is nothing else that I would rather be doing with this life. I know with complete certainty that this is the most effective way for me to make a difference, help as many people as possible and simply do some good on this earth before my short insignificant life comes to its inevitable end.

This website started off as a blog when I was 17 and quickly consumed my entire life in a manner that I would never have expected. It has reshaped my plot, overhauled my perspective, provided me with a deep sense of spiritual purpose, sent me traveling to other countries and most importantly of all, introduced me to people who will always be of extreme emotional importance. Thank you for reading.

My interests include psychonautics, the cosmos, philosophy, religion, spirituality, science, technical description, lucid dreaming, tulpas, critical thinking, prototheism, polyamory, psychoactive drugs, consciousness, the self, pre-determinism, technology, love, compassion, internets, unspeakable lovecraftian horrors and cute things.

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posted 62 days ago

help me help me am i dead am i in space i feel fractals melting hot

warm help me can anyone hear me or respond is it a dead websote god god god ogd lsd nbome lsd nbome 2 hits of lsd or nbome i took look smook tit tabbkle daddy
posted 633 days ago

Hey Josikins, just wanted to stop by and say hi to my cool-ass friend.

posted 683 days ago

Do you happen to be a lesbian?

posted 830 days ago

hello josie i don't know if you remember me well, we used to be friends on telegram. im sorry i up and left without saying a thing. i wasn't quite there mentally. im wondering if we could catch up and if theres still any place i could catch up with the people i used to know. love family.

posted 851 days ago

Hi, i have question, i editing a Polish version of PsychonautWiki - Can i use your table of Dangerous Combination? I will write where the picture comes from and who is the author :) Thanks for reply in advance, greetings!

posted 948 days ago

Hi Josi!. I've been dabling in updating/creating pages on here. Maybe you can help me or give me advice.

posted 1187 days ago

I just sent chris a message too, How can i contribute my experience with allylescaline? I see there are no reports at all.

posted 1213 days ago

Hey Josie. Thanks so much for all the hard work you and your family have put into this lovely site. It's been so useful in my own journey with substances and has become the go-to reference for my friends and I. I don't think she's active anymore, but tell Osky I said hello from her home town! She doesn't know me, but it's a small world.

posted 1223 days ago

Hi, so after death...

Do you think we just experience another individual experience (for example another person) or perhaps the same individual experience we're having right now over again, or... the full-blown ego death of being everything at once, the ultimate reality, which is some spaceless and timeless infinite impersonal 'self.'

I feel like this timeless/spaceless infinite 'self' is where all these selves/egos/individual experiences manifested from. There may be an infinity, or a finite number of these selves.

Another question...

I can't figure out if each individual experience/ego is going to literally be lived as me. Will I live out the life of every person, animal, insect, alien ever? Or are we only one individual ego experience, each of us doesn't have to live out each other's lives, meaning we're just our ego and God/the infinite/absolute/ultimate timeless and spaceless impersonal 'self.'

You know? I love you, also, in the spiritual sense. This site is astonishing. It's like wow, you have helped me feel like my ideas about all this ultimate nature of reality stuff is legit. And not just me deluding myself. You're the deepest/most all-seeing 'person' I've ever encountered potentially. Not to trigger your ego/separate self though, but yeah.

posted 1316 days ago

Hey. I couldn't figure out how to submit a trip experience because I can't seem to find where the option to create one is, so I just want to share with you some knowledge that I learned out of my own experience, that I think a lot more people should know about. The drug combination of LSD and marijuana is my favorite combo on earth. The reason for this is that it makes your mind and body feel so good that it just seems to inevitably cause a potent spike in sexual libido. I honestly think that LSD is probably the best drug to ever have been made, thank you Albert Hoffman! Seriously though, how do I find the option to create an experience report? People need to try this shit out! It'll change their fucking lives forever