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Josie Kins


Fort Collins, Colorado, Colorado


hastings, United Kingdom


Psychedelic Researcher, Subjective Effect Documentation Enthusiast

About me

Hey there, I am a professional psychedelic researcher at Mindstate Design Labs. I have founded numerous online projects including the Subjective Effect Index,, /r/replications,,, etc, etc.

I am indeed the original founder of this website, but I have not been directly involved with it since 2017. My main focus right now is instead on a combination of and my career.

If you're looking to contact me, my email is and my discord is josikinz#1337. You're also free to stalk me on reddit (, youtube (, and linktree ( if you like.

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posted 266 days ago

thank you for this site. Now I have more information.

posted 507 days ago

thankyou for this amazing site, I come here almost everyday and research something.

posted 534 days ago

I always use this site to research a substance before using it, and it never fails! Thank you for this extremely useful site!

posted 694 days ago

Much respect for what you've started here, and much love to you! I hope you're well

Om manipadme hum

posted 915 days ago

i love you for making all of this

posted 934 days ago

Why do you drink the blood of the innocent? You understand the true, occult meaning of this phrase, do you not? That is not to be bandied about lightly.

posted 1004 days ago

help me help me am i dead am i in space i feel fractals melting hot

warm help me can anyone hear me or respond is it a dead websote god god god ogd lsd nbome lsd nbome 2 hits of lsd or nbome i took look smook tit tabbkle daddy
posted 1575 days ago

Hey Josikins, just wanted to stop by and say hi to my cool-ass friend.

posted 1626 days ago

Do you happen to be a lesbian?

posted 1772 days ago

hello josie i don't know if you remember me well, we used to be friends on telegram. im sorry i up and left without saying a thing. i wasn't quite there mentally. im wondering if we could catch up and if theres still any place i could catch up with the people i used to know. love family.