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Armodafinil, Concerta, Qualia.

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Kenan Sulayman




Berlin, Germany


June 3rd


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The evolution of humankind lies in the alteration of consciousness.

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posted 484 days ago

At some point (less than a year ago?) I started getting 403s when connecting to Psychonaut Wiki via VPN. Is this a general policy of disallowing VPNs, or has there been abuse from my VPN's IP range, or something else? I hope you understand that I would feel more comfortable hiding my activity from my ISP/government. Thanks!

posted 504 days ago

Hey Kenan, could you please approve my revisions to 2C-T-21 when you get a chance. I added some important toxicity information which expands on its safety profile.

posted 505 days ago

Greetings, what is yor opinion on making a category about androgens, SARMs and the rest of perforamnce enhancing drugs. In the very least, people would be more informed about dosage and harmful effects.

posted 524 days ago

hello I would like you to approve my experience with methylphenidate thanks

posted 588 days ago

Sure putting qualia as your favorite drug is funny, but it's not really a drug if you ask me.

posted 655 days ago

Can you approve the most recent edits to the page for methamphetamine? I cleaned up the broad language for pharmacology, added citations, and added my personal experience report, the most detailed I could find on the internet. I think this should help a lot with harm reduction. Thanks,

If you could also approve the edits to my experience report including my artistic rendering of meth OD visuals, I'd appreciate that too. _cannabis_-_Hallucinatory_Overdose

posted 800 days ago

I saw you deleted the page for LAE-32 I was just create a brief page on it with not much info, should i just leave it? Bet you have your reasons maybe it just fills the site up with too much chemicals haha.

Anyway hope you are doing well right now, 'dlove to exchange some contact possibility with you if you have Signal or anything related ^^

With best regards

posted 877 days ago

What needs to be done to the talk:Bupropion page to make it suitable for publication?

posted 945 days ago

About my edit, it was under the edit history of the page Frame Rate Suppression. It says you reverted the change for some reason. That's odd. Thanks for clarifying though!

posted 949 days ago

Hello! I was just curious, why did you revert the changes I made to "Frame Rate Suppression"? Did I need to add sources or something? I'm really sorry, I didn't mean to mess up the page. I just thought I'd add a "DXM subsection" to explain frame rate suppression commonly experienced within the context of dextromethorphan's unique effects. I respect the decision to remove it. However, I just would like to know why you did, so that I do not make the same mistake again.

Thank you! -Rylee