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posted 3444 days ago

Hey champ, so I was reading your talk on drugs, and though I thought of it as 1. terribly interesting/true and 2. things that should be self-explanatory but for some reason are not to most people? I was a bit curious concerning what you said about animals besides humans seeking to alter their consciousness. I tried a couple of Bing searches and couldn't come up with anything useful, so I was wondering if you were able to extrapolate on that at all? If not much, that's OK too, this isn't a test, but just curious

posted 3474 days ago

Hey dude I just wanted to say please keep it up. You are literally the first person outside of our small little circle to come in and start contributing actual stuff on this level and I really appreciate it :) Your talk page is awesome and I hope we can all get to know you better on the irc. I will be following you around through your edits and cleaning up / improving upon everything you create :)))))) Thanks again!!! <3 much love <333

posted 3474 days ago

Uh, we don't have https enabled just yet; I had it configured before I upgraded Apache and never got around to setting it up again. This is on my list of things to do, but in any case, we do not have a proper SSL certificate due to their cost.

It's not a huge concern though. We aren't doing anything illegal, and the information our users are sharing with our server isn't sensitive enough to absolutely need encryption.

posted 3475 days ago

Looks like you've been busy! :D

posted 3477 days ago

Hey there!

I would recommend these links here for basic formatting:

I honestly don't mind helping you edit reports so please go ahead and submit them :) just look at the plain text code and you'll quickly get the hang of how to format your writings in a consistent manner.

Thank you for the praise! I am the person who wrote the geometry article and pretty much the entire subjective effects index in general. I've been working on this project for years and years now and its really come a long way.

Don't worry about bugging us. If you get the chance I'd highly recommend coming onto our IRC chatroom so you can talk with us directly. I will always be happy to help out and its a very welcoming place. (

As for qualifications, none of us are qualified. Just be sure to verify your statements by googling it and checking as many sources as reasonably possible :P Hope to see you around. I sent you a friend request.

posted 3478 days ago

Hey dude nice to meet you. I loved the trip report and just edited the analysis section for you to include some components which were present throughout your experience. I'm sure I missed a few so feel free to further edit anything which I added. Hope to see you around! :) <3