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Experience:LSD (400ug, Oral) - An afternoon in "a" garden

Experience report - LSD

  • Date: 17/05/2019
  • Age: 20
  • Sex: Male
  • Height: 5'7 / 171 cm
  • Weight: 140 lbs / 64 kg
  • Misc: Experienced with high doses of cannabis and one / two tab LSD a few times before this trip.


Come up

Quotes are on-the-fly phone notes during the experience. Before the trip I wrote "400ug Acid" and "The trip will end" on my backhand and forehand respectively.

At 11:10 me and the sitter (Alan, supervising over voice call) started to watch Shrek 2 on the comeup. Everything seemed perfectly normal until about half an hour in, in which my legs started to feel bouncy and tingly in excitement as if something pleasant was about to come. I had some shortbread biscuits next to me which I had a few of during the movie. 10 minutes later at 11:40, the physical effects probably reached their peak: my appetite was almost lost, legs were bouncing up and down and I felt extremely happy. Another 10 minutes and the visuals have started, and the geometry is taking a hold of my vision, with a lot of pink. At around 12:15 "the visuals are really taking effect, my keyboard is dancing and the geometry is dancing".


After the movie we eventually switched into music from a personal meaning playlist made beforehand. This included FKJ which combined with the visuals made it an astonishing listen. At this point I closed my eyes and found an intense spectrum of orange/pulsing rainbow fractal colours seemingly shaped in an orb around my field of vision, dancing with every groove - beat - melody of the music playing. But some music was a bit more unpleasant so easily switched them off in time. This lasted for an hour or two until about 15:00. The tracers and after effects have become distinct and I may have reached ego dissolution at this point. Alan was just a unknown person's voice in my head that was occasionally speaking to me when these headphones were on. Reality had become liquid. Bad thoughts could come at me but they could be bent back into positive ones in the same amount of time. I was a being in this small room, with seemingly a nature-ish look outside...

At this point Alan had to take care of some real-life business and left me by myself for a while, communicating once through Snapchat. Thankfully at this point no-one else was in the house, so I managed to find my way downstairs, taking some strawberries, raspberries and a blanket into the back garden on a sunny/cloudy day. At this point this garden was my reality, my world and the only concept. I didn't know who I was and was a little confused on these texts on my arm. The soft grass, gentle leaves on the trees and the sunny day all equaled a perfected environment for the rest of the trip. At approximately 16:03 "I have no train of thought and I'm blindly staring admiring the scenery". The clouds had warped with the colourful rainbow-spectrum patterns with the music and the wooden fence had seemingly alien faces on them probably because of the combination of dripping visuals and texture repetition. During this time, I put on Owl City's first few albums. These notes were written down on my phone during the next hour:

"The grass feels amazing and so many tracers"

"My phone keys won't stop dancing"

"Everything is rainbowy and purple"

"Unity" - I saw visuals and thoughts linking my body to a larger being, almost as if no matter what happens, my body will always be linked to this being even if something bad takes hold. During the close eyes visuals I witnessed a humanoid filling with energy and rising within my field of vision.

"Natures perfect and everything's beautiful"

"Sound is echo-y and distorted" - Was subtle at first, but after hearing familiar music it was much more apparent.

"Clouds are getting messy and separating, with a rainbow of colour in between"

At 17:00 Alan messaged me again asking if I was enjoying the trip. Just that checkup combined with the visuals and the music made everything perfect, and I cried heavily for the first time in 5 years. The gentle melodies seamlessly combining with the visuals made it just a little too much to handle, and was on-and-off crying for the next 5 or 10 minutes.

Come down

At 17:22 "visuals were still very warped and tracers" and this kept going for at least until around 18:00, when after that time I went indoors to re-adjust to my room. Another trusted friend greeted me over voice call and we started watching Chowder, Alan eventually rejoined for a while but he was too high to really focus. During this time there were still a few after effects and tracers, persisting and gradually phasing until at least midnight. Eventually at around 01:00 I fell asleep, and the trip was peacefully over.

Effects analysis