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Experience:NM-2-AI (Various Dosages) - Brief Description

Experience reports - NM-2-AI

  • Date: 06/2020
  • Age: 20
  • Sex: M
  • Height: 180 cm
  • Weight: 70 kg / 155 lb
  • Misc: I was cycling a few substances (Fasoracetam, Ashwaghanda, St. John's Wort) during which I took the substance. I note in each experience on what I was currently cycling.


NM-2-AI/N-Methyl-2-Aminoindane. The batch was fine and crystalline, it really didn't stick to surfaces.

First trial

No supplements were used.

Repeated doses were snorted over the course of 4 hours. The burn was not that bad but still felt unhealthy to the nose. Dosages were about 20 mg per line and were gradually increased to around 50 mg. Over the whole course I barely noted any changes, besides towards the end, where the total dose consumed in these 4 hours totaled about 300-400 mg snorted. I felt a mild bodily sensatioan which faded quickly. I decided to stop after that and concluded it didn't do much.

Second trial

Fasoracetam, Ashwagandha and St. Johns Wort were supplemented prior and during.

110 mg orally were consumed. I didn't notice any solid effects, if there were any it would have been a bare threshold. No noticeable increase in heart rate or wakefulness. I still remained sleepy and was able to doze away for a short time. Not sure if it is the batch or the substance that is not potent.

Third trial

Ashwagandha and St. Johns Wort were supplemented prior and during.

140 mg orally were consumed. The effects were definitely noticeable within 30 minutes. It started with a slight but comfortable body feeling and my mood increased a bit. Stimulation was mild, possibly weaker than even methylphenidate at the same level but stronger that caffeine for sure. It didn't feel very pushy and although I experienced some uneasiness (I have some anxiety), it was manageable and I didn't let it bother too much. Possibly the anxiety was there for the simple fact that this is a rather unknown chemical I ingested.

I did not notice any major increase in heart rate, although didn't measure it. Pupils were only slightly dilated.

The high gradually faded into a normal state of mind without a major comedown. I was basically back down at a threshold at the 2 hour mark with no major residual stimulation besides a bit of jaw clenching (which might be due to its serotonin activity). Overall it would be slightly above threshold effects.

So far NM-2-AI doesn't seem very useful, unique or even recreational up to the dose of 140 mg.

Final trial

I took what was left of the gram and decided to take a 160mg dose at evening and put a remaining dose of 160mg in another capsule and 5mg for lab testing. I have taken a lot of Flualprazolam to sleep more than 7 hours ago, but somehow I still feel the (after-) effects now 13 hours later. No other drugs or supplements were consumed. As a side note, flualprazolam has never been as long in duration and amnesic until yesterday's instance for whatever reason, so this will have contributed to the effects in general in some way.

T+0:00: I took 160mg of NM-2-AI on a relatively empty somach. I had to go outside and get stuff done.

T+1:30: After various activities and feeling little to no effects, I redosed the other 160mg capsule , which is the last one I have.

I haven't noticed any specific time window for the onset, comeup, peak or comedown. I am definitely more stimulated that usual, especially for during a benzo-hangover, but I'm completely free of jitters or peripheral stimulation. Not even sure if I feel just threshold effects. There is no pronounced serotonin-activity or feelings of joy, which I've heard was actually researched with this one. I feel unusual mental focus, more akin to what a nootropic does, nothing like a typical stimulant.

My heart rate is definitely increased to the 90s but that's about it, nothing unusual like muscle tightness or palpitations.

T+3:00: After three hours there were mostly no stimulating effect besides a slightly increased heart rate and focus. I was maily doing research and various tasks on the computer and doing them with great dedication though.

T+6:00: At this point I really couldn't know at what threshold I was, so I decided to continue with DMXE, but this will overshadow the (if any) effects produced from the NM-2-AI, so I will stop the report.

Overall, NM-2-AI, despite being something amphetamine- or methamphetamine-like chemically it displays virtually no typical stimulant effects but rather resembles some nootropic, but more apparent of course in the sense of intoxications. It acts on serotonin which I've read but this feeling is practically non-existent even when compared to MEAI.

I have sent in the NM-2-AI for lab-testing and the result came back as NM-2-AI confirmed. Purity however, could not be determined.

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