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Experience: 70 mg Lisdexamfetamine (Oral/Insufflated) - Intense Study Session

Experience reports - Lisdexamfetamine

ROA: 40 + ~25 mg (oral) + ~5mg (insufflated)

  • Date: 2021-01-25
  • Age: 17
  • Sex: Male
  • Height: 193 cm or 6'4
  • Weight: 63 kg or 140 lbs
  • Miscellaneous
    • Medication:
      • I took 30 mg of mirtazapine the night before which I'm prescribed for depression, anxiety, and insomnia.
      • I also recently decided to step down from 50 mg of propiomazine to 25 mg since I'm currently not on an SSRI and can actually sleep well without any medication.
      • I also consumed some supplements as well as 5 mg of desloratadine like I do daily to ease the symptoms of my cat allergy.
      • I also inhale 320 µg of budenoside and 9 µg of formoterol once in the morning and once in the evening for asthma.
      • I had taken 3 mg of alprazolam the day before and yet another 3 mg the day before that.
    • Experience Level: This was my second time on lisdexamfetamine. It's worth mentioning that I had a far more euphoric experience the first time I took 40 mg than this time that I took ~70 mg in total. The same thing happened to me with oxycodone which I talked about in my last experience report. My first time on 40 mg of instant release oxycodone was absolutely astonishing. It felt like a whole-body orgasm that lasted for hours. One that was so intense I could barely stand up, let alone walk. It looks like I'm having the same experience with lisdexamfetamine. The first time was incredibly. The second, third, and nth time are still enjoyable but pale in comparison to the first time.
    • Set & setting: I was a little anxious yet highly motivated to use the effects of this substance to plough through my math book and get a good grade on the upcoming exam. I was at home, in my room, with just my dad in the house working from home in the living room.


T+00:00 - The time is 9:40. Usually before it kicks in, for some reason I feel more empathetic and emotional. I express more love and affection towards my friends and family. The first time I did lisdexamfetamine I hugged my mom which my parents found extremely shocking since I'm a very self-isolating and distant person. It was before it kicked in though so it must've been anticipated feelings of joy and euphoria that prompted that.

T+01:00 - No effects yet I think. I'm fixing all my pills for the week: vitamins, supplements, allergy pills, sleeping pills and antidepressants. Usually I do this on Sundays (today is Monday) but I got too knocked out by the 3 mg of alprazolam I consumed last night and just fell asleep. I'm gonna finish organizing my pills and then start working on my math problems.

T+01:05 - I've finished organizing my pills. Now my physics teacher is bothering me with some shit. I'm in a Zoom meeting but I really just wanna do math. It's also violently snowing outside so I'm a bit tempted to go for a walk

T+01:07 - I bought a 5000 ml Erlenmeyer flask specifically for staying hydrated while on stimulants. I will say at the end of the experience report how much water I consumed. I know I get extremely dehydrated on lisdexamfetamine so it will be interesting to see if I manage to drink more than 5 liters.

T+01:11 - My hands are a bit sweaty. I noticed since I'm writing with a pen and paper in order to study math.

T+01:17 - I'm beginning to feel a little speeded out. I can feel my mind accelerating. No euphoric feelings at the moment. I woke up around 08:00, if I remember correctly, and had a cup of coffee like I normally do. So I might be extra anxious due to that. "This combination of stimulants is generally considered unnecessary and may increase strain on the heart, as well as potentially causing anxiety and physical discomfort."[1] My friend who is prescribed Adderall has told me that he feels awful when combining the two. The last time I did lisdexamfetamine I didn't get anxious whatsoever. I just had an amazing time and I ploughed through my whole biology book in 9 hours. I think I even aced the test.

T+01:20 - I just put on 10 hours of concentration music.

T+01:25 - Well, that was unexpected. I'm already thinking of redosing. My mental faculties haven't improved as much as I thought they would. The level of biology I'm at is literally just all about memorization, whereas with math you actually need to understand what you're dealing with and be able to apply it to new problems. I'll keep studying for now and update this in a bit.

T+01:38 - Okay, I didn't like the previous concentration music so now I'm listening to this.

T+01:55 - The last time I used this substance for studying biology, the voice in my head was repeating: "You can do this, you can do this. Everything is gonna be fine!" But, honestly, right now I'm pretty panicked. I'm stuck on the EASIEST question in the book and I'm trying to remember how to solve it. Not even amphetamines can make you learn 2 months of math in 2 hours. I'm really worried and anxious right now because I feel like 2 days won't be enough time for me to study what I need to study.

T+02:01 - Never mind, I didn't like that music either so now I'm trying this. I'm very, very stressed out. I am not exactly anxious. I am very familiar with what anxiety feels like considering I've been diagnosed with severe depression and anxiety. I don't really feel anxious right now, just extremely stressed out since I only have 2 days to study for this test and I've accomplished nothing in 2 hours. Not even while on Vyvanse!? I have heard that you can use ADHD medication together with lower doses of benzodiazepines to reduce the stimulant anxiety. But, like I said, I think this dysphoria is simply a manifestation of the stress caused by me feeling like I don't know what I'm doing. Writing this experience report is not exactly helping me focus on the task at hand either, but I promised I would contribute more trip reports to Psychonaut Wiki, so here I am.

T+02:10 - Just inhaled 0.2 mg of salbutamol in order to adequately oxygenate my mind and body,

T+02:13 - I've consumed about 2 liters of water right now. I can tell by looking at markings on my Erlenmeyer flask.

T+02:23 - I'm going to eat some lunch now. Chili con carne.

T+02:35 - When I was studying biology on lisdexamfetamine I had this almost overwhelming sense of euphoria. The voice in my head was telling the truth: everything was going to be fine, and I was going to do great. All of that happened. I aced the test and everything was awesome. Now I feel so far behind. I haven't been paying attention to math for 2 months and now I'm paying the price.

T+03:07 - Three hours in and I've consumed ~3 liters of water. Buying this Erlenmeyer flask was a really good idea. It means I basically only have to get up to pee, not having to carry around a large flask and constantly refill it.

T+03:31 - I went to the bathroom to empty my bowels. I am still stressed. I have just got to slowly go through everything I need to know. I might even have to redose. But currently my pills I have left are 50 mg so I would much rather redose with like a 30 mg pill which my friend might be able to hook me up with.

T+03:33 - Okay this isn't relevant to the trip report but these are the pages I need to study: 54, 64 - 67, and 86 - 117.

T+03:47 - I feel like time is moving a lot faster than it should. I mean, I didn't even start studying until like 1 hour after dosing, but still, I imagined I would've accomplished a lot more by now.

T+04:00 - I have officially consumed a whole 5 liters of water. And the effects of the substance didn't emerge until at least 1 hour after ingestion. That means I have been drinking about 1.6L/h so far. Not bad!

T+04:04 - I just put on a hoodie. It's quite cold. Or maybe I'm the one who's cold? Anyway, I'm really considering redosing. Maybe 25 mg? I could do that by dissolving a 50 mg capsule in 10 ml of water and consuming 5 ml. The only problem is that I currently don't own any storage bottles for liquid volumetric dosing, so I wouldn't know what to do with the remaining 5 ml. I just really wish I had those 30's at hand.

T+04:33 - I don't know if I'm shaking because I'm cold or I'm shaking because of the Vyvanse but all I know is I'm shaking.

T+05:00 - Okay, I redosed approximately 25-30 mg. How? Right, let me quickly describe it before going back to studying. I put on a face mask. Then I placed a 25 ml glass beaker on top of my milligram scale. I tared it, and, as carefully as I could, opened a 50 mg capsule over it and did my best to get all of the powder out. I then wrote down the approximate weight of the powder which was 125 mg. My desired dose was around 20 to 30 mg, so I settled for 25 mg. If 50 mg weighs 125 mg then 25 mg weighs 62.5 mg. I removed the beaker and placed a small plastic pan (it came with the scale) on the scale and very gently tapped the beaker while tilting it to transfer a few milligrams of the powder at a time. I kept tapping the beaker until it reached 70 mg which was a little higher than what I intended, but it was close enough. Additionally, I would likely lose a few of those milligrams due to mechanical error. I now had 70 mg of the powder on the pan which was on the scale. I used the now-empty 50 mg capsule to scoop up as much of the powder as possible. By the time I had gotten all which was humanly possible the scale read 20 mg. Then it suddenly jumped to 30 mg, so I knew it had now become unreliable. However, I knew that whatever powder was left on the scale was roughly half of the 50 mg capsule. So I put the pan aside and grabbed a glass funnel and reached for a Prozac capsule. Since I am no longer on Prozac this is the best use I have for them. I proceeded to open the Prozac capsule and binned the powder. I was extremely delighted to find that the longer part of the capsule fit perfectly in the end of the funnel, so I stuck it in there. I then poured the remaining 25 mg of lisdexamfetamine from the beaker into the funnel. I used a small brush to collect the powder that had stuck to the glass. I then retrieved the open capsule from inside the funnel, closed it, and placed it in my stash. I now had my Vyvanse capsule and the equipment I used to dose it which contained a non-insignificant amount of Vyvanse powder. So I retrieved my insufflation tool kit (a plastic card, a plastic tray, and some straws) and insufflated as much of the remaining powder as possible. So, I insufflated all of the powder I could and swallowed what was approximately 20-25 mg of lisdexamfetamine. The total dose is now around 70 mg. Whoa, side note: I literally spent 20 minutes writing this one entry. The time distortion is real. Now I gotta study for real. Am in all likelihood going to do Vyvanse tomorrow as well. Will dose 50 mg in the morning and maybe use that capsule I prepared depending on how much work I still have left to do.

T+05:30 - Well I'm not going to be writing an experience report tomorrow because honestly I think writing this is part of the reason I haven't been as productive. But at least I will have one Vyvanse report under my belt. Should be enough.

T+05:34 - I'm going to go for a quick walk.

T+05:50 - I arrived safely at my domicile and urinated.

T+05:54 - I'm going to continue studying now. I should be able to go at it for another 4 hours or so. I'm planning on landing on alprazolam.

T+06:01 - I'm feeling slightly nauseous and cognitively fatigued. I'd assume my redose hasn't kicked in yet in that case. It's been 65 minutes and it can take up to 90 minutes.

T+06:44 - I devoured a bowl of cheerios and I feel a lot better. Let it be known that it's important to stay fed and hydrated! My appetite doesn't change that much on this substance. Perhaps it's slightly suppressed, but I can still eat without any problems. That's good, unless I was using it for treating binge eating disorder, which I don't have. I am underweight. Also, to clarify, I have went to pee an ungodly amount of times. I just haven't written it down because that would mean I'd need to check in every 15 minutes to write the same thing over and over again.

T+07:00 - Went to the bathroom and excreted some feces and had an existential thought about technology.

T+07:10 - My blood pressure is 151/82 and my pulse is 83. I unfortunately didn't take any measurements before, but I am fairly certain that my pulse was a lot higher when the first dose of 40 mg was being processed. If I am extremely calm and relaxed my pulse can drop to 67, but since I am an anxious human who's frequently put under stress, my heart rate is mostly around 80. This seems to indicate that the substance is not putting a huge strain on my heart.

T+07:25 - Turned on my classical playlist (it's not very long) and it ran out of songs so now SoundCloud is playing similar songs. I must say I enjoy what the algorithm is providing me!

T+07:55 - Now I feel nauseous again. I'm gonna go out on the balcony real quick to get some fresh air.

T+08:17 - Not necessarily nauseous anymore. I spent the last 15 mintues researching water intoxication. If applying the LD50 of water for rats to humans, I'd need to consume 9.75 liters, which is extremely close to what I've consumed since T+0. My Erlenmeyer flask doesn't show the amount below 2 liters, but if I were to eyeball it I'd say there's 1 liter left in the flask, so I've drank 9 liters. From what I understand, that lethal dose is only valid when no physical exercise is performed. I have been sitting still for nearly 8 hours, but obviously my body is demanding water due to the lisdexamfetamine, so, hopefully, stimulant use equates to physical exercise in that sense and I won't be dying in my sleep tonight. If I do, studying for this math test would've been a complete waste!

T+08:26 - Anyway, back to studying now. Oh, wait, and it's also worth mentioning that for the first 6 hours of this experience I was vigorously chewing on little gummies containing xylene. So if xerostomia was a side effect of this drug I wouldn't know since I've been sucking on saliva stimulating gummies all day. Need to urinate again before studying.

T+08:46 - Alright, I couldn't help myself, I am so damn curious right now. I just want to know things. So what I researched was the earliest expected time of it wearing off which is in 45 minutes. And if I get the most out of it it'll stay for approximately 3 hours and 45 minutes (until 22:11). I compiled this estimate using the information on Psychonaut Wiki.[2]

T+08:55 - I am now eating dinner. My appetite really isn't suppressed. Also, it might be worth mentioning that the skin around my mouth has become very dry and hurts now. I think it has to do with the walk I took earlier though, not the substance I'm on. My skin is very sensitive to cold weather, especially my face.

T+09:04 - Finished my dinner without any problems. Gonna resume my studying now.

T+09:50 - I've begun feeling a bit nauseous again. This seems to be the most common and (subjectively) worst side effect of all substances I've tried. The nausea is there, but it's not even close to how strong it was during some of my oxycodone experiences. My last oxycodone experience was so bad that I swore to never use it again. I had a fairly present euphoric rush for, like, 30 minutes, and then I began to go into withdrawal like I had been using it daily for weeks. That was not the case. The last time I used it before that experience was about one week ago. I had similar withdrawals then but not as bad as the last time. And before the second to last time I did oxycodone I had gone without it for 7 to 10 days I believe. Then, however, I had been using it almost daily for 2 weeks. I believe that somehow screwed up my brain and now if I were to use oxycodone again I would start having withdrawals like I've been abusing it for weeks. It sucks because I did enjoy the high, but the lows are completely unbearable now so I had to stop using it. The battery level of my AirPods is at 15%. I might just wrap it up when they die. I still have a whole lot, and I mean a lot, to study. But I've been going at it for almost 10 hours now. Perhaps I should take a break to prepare for tomorrow's equally intense study session.

T+10:09 - I have officially consumed 10 liters of water. And regarding my entry at T+08:46, the effects haven't started to wear off right now from what I can tell.

T+10:19 - I'm still studying and the effects are still here. In order to have a softer comedown though I have now taken 25 of propiomazine as well as my sleep-inducing antidepressant mirtazapine. I am supposed to ingest the propiomazine 2 hours before bed, and if the effects of my redose last until 22:11 then it's almost perfectly timed.

T+11:00 - I just ate a cinnamon bun and I'm having some tea. I'm still studying and my AirPods did die but I couldn't bring myself to stop studying.

T+11:20 - I think the positive effects are starting to wear off now. I also think that my sleeping aid is starting to kick in. I think I'll stop in 40 minutes or so.

T+11:36 - I ingested 1 mg of alprazolam and 5 mg of levomepromazine to help me fall asleep in time and have a softer comedown.

T+12:33 - The substance should theoretically have reached it's maximum duration and I'm now in the offset phase. I don't feel too sleepy and not extremely cognitively fatigued. I'm sure the fatigue will set in tomorrow though.

T+13:20 - I'm currently in bed with my laptop adding this experience report and hopefully my promethazine report to Psychonaut Wiki.

T+13:55 - I think it's crazy how fast time passed. Like, how did 25 minutes just pass? Anyway, I'm not super tired or anything but I can kind of feel a burning sensation in my eyes. It's probably because I've been staring at computer screens for nearly 14 hours.

T+14:01 - My eyes are definitely starting to get tired.

T+14:07 - As per request of past me in entry T+01:07, I am thrilled to announce that I consumed a total of 11 liters of water. I had to pee maybe once every 15 minutes and my urine was crystal clear.

T+15:50 - This is just getting ridiculous. How in the fuck did I spend 2.5 hours editing this report. I haven't even started with the damn effects analysis! Oh well. I hope you understand why I can't do my promethazine report right now too. It's 1:33. I will be getting very little sleep. I think I might have to skip my first class tomorrow so I can sleep in. But at the same time, my test starts at 8:30 on Wednesday. God damn it. I'm not sure what to do. My alarm is still set for 09:00 so I suppose I'll just let it go off then and see if I have the energy in my body to move and get up. This is the end of the experience report. I shall now sleep.


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