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Experience: 80mg EPT - Bummer

Experience reports - EPT

  • Date: February 25/26 2017
  • Gender: Male
  • Weight: 165 lbs
  • Age: 24
  • Background: I've tripped probably ~250 times, and this is my 1st time trying EPT. Past (psychedelic) experience includes DMT, MET, Psilocin, AL-LAD, ALD-52, DOI (ew), Salvia, and of course LSD, which is my gold standard of trips. The goal of this trip was to simply do it, since there haven't been a lot of testimonials or anything, in case anyone was curious.

BTW, it sucks.


I weigh out 80 mg of EPT, against the advice of my attorney, chop into 2 beige/off white lines.

  • Start - Jesus Tito Christ, this the worst sting of anything that's been up there. Never again with this shit.
  • 5 min - Second line. This surprisingly isn't as bad. Just kidding, it's twice as bad.
  • 15 min - I think I got ripped off. This is just powdered Pennzoil.
  • 20 min - My carpet looks weird. Fucking neat.
  • 30-45 - Genuinely irritated. Anything insufflated would be felt by now. This some some bullshit.
  • 1 hour - Slight increase in libido, which happens anytime I try tryptamines. Mostly just disappointment in this chemical.
  • 1 hour, 15 min Not wanting to piss away my one night off, I take 200μg AL-LAD.
  • 3 hours, 30 min I figured out that this tryptamine doesn't do much but fuck up your cross tolerance. Have at it.

Overall, a painful experience, mentally and physically. I was joking when I said have at it, this blows. The only joy I got out of writing this report is finding out that "tryptamine" gets auto-corrected to amphetamine, because that's absolutely hilarious.

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