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Experience:1g Methiopropamine - Chasing the Chalky Dragon

Experience reports - Methiopropamine

  • Date: March 2017
  • Gender: Male
  • Weight: 165 lbs / 75 kg
  • Age: 24
  • Background: I hadn't tried MPA before, and I thought perhaps a good stimulant would help me study. Perhaps it might. I wouldn't know, I took MPA instead. It's a large part of why I hadn't participated for a while. This experience report actually spans 3 days, so there's no specific timeline.


I obtained 1g of MPA, and I'm very excited about it. I hadn't had a any stimulants other than caffeine and nicotine for 6 months, so I feel that I'm in for a treat.

  • Day 1 - I take ~40mg orally, and I wait patiently for the effects. About 20 min later my body starts to tingle and vibrate and I am utterly euphoric, both physically and cognitively. I feel as if I can accomplish anything, and over the next half hour the feeling ramps up, and I'm writhing on the floor in pleasure. It abruptly stops, and I figure that since I have so much, I can do it again later in the day. This time I insufflate ~50mg, and I'm met with the same effects, at 150% the intensity. I'm convinced that this is my new favorite thing, and I can just keep at it, since there's so much. I periodically take similar doses all night, not realizing how dangerous it is.
  • Day 2 - I didn't sleep all night, and now it doesn't feel nearly as nice as the previous day. But I know that if I go to sleep now, I'll mess up my sleep regimen. So I continue to take it all day, so I can stay awake until a reasonable time, and then sleep. I have class at noon the next day, so I figure I'll get myself together by then. I still do not notice how fast I'm going through my MPA. I am also ignorant of the time, and when I finally look a clock, it's 2 AM. I convince myself that I can't sleep now, or I'll wake up too late for class. Once again, I stay up all night.
  • Day 3 - At this point, I feel like a degenerate, and I would say that I am fully addicted already to this poison. I have to make it to class, but it's 3 hours long, 4.5 including travel. So I make several capsules, and this is when I realize that I'm now out of MPA. I tell myself that I'll figure out what to do about getting more later. While I'm driving, I take 90mg in capsules, and I feel like death. I'm itchy, sweaty, and my skin is breaking out. I get to school, and I can feel everyone's eyes on me. I'm mortified and just want to go home. While in class, I take capsules while the teacher isn't looking. I'm barely alive at this pint. I take my last 50mg on the drive home, and my tolerance is so high that it doesn't even matter. I pass out as soon as I get home. The day is effectively over.
  • Epilogue - I wake up, and look in the mirror. I look like utter shit; my skin is red and bumpy, my eyes are bone dry, the bags under my eyes honestly look like black eyes. I apparently had some teeth grinding/mastication issues, and had been chewing on the insides of my lips, leaving my whole mouth bruised and swollen. I can barely speak. I also hadn't eaten, and I'm doubled over in pain from hunger. I drink water, and my stomach growls and aches like never before in my life. It takes me a good week to get back to baseline.

This substance seems to be highly addictive, and it's rewards are very short-lived. Please be careful if you try it. I definitely do not recommend this substance. I would trust a snake before myself on MPA.

Submitted by Summer

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