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Hey, my name is Kaylee. I'm 22 years old, living in the United States. Psychonautics, specifically psychedelics, have had a profound impact on my life and my character. I firmly believe in the power of these substances to create lasting benefits for individuals who pursue them in a healthy manner. Admittedly, I have not always done so, but nonetheless, my harrowing and even dangerous experiences have taught lasting lessons. My experiences with psychedelics have led to a deeper appreciation for my life, in all its wonder and absurdity. Altered states of consciousness produced by drugs, along with meditation, have given me incredible first-hand insight into the workings of my brain, my identity, and my consciousness. Tripping has instilled a deep-seated empathy and appreciation for other people, life, and the universe; it has improved my character by revealing egoistic, biased, and irrational behaviours for what they are. It is my sincere hope for others to have the opportunity to experience what I have, the life-changing profundity of it all.


Arctic Monkeys, The Shins, The Gaslight Anthem, Green Day, The Killers, Broken Bells, Metric, Paramore, Porcupine Tree, The Strokes, The Subways, Third Eye Blind, U2, We Were promised Jetpacks, Tegan and Sara, Ott, Regina Spektor, Silversun Pickups, The Naked and Famous, Of Monsters and Men, Foster the People, M83, Grouplove, MGMT, JUSTICE, The Big Pink, Late of the Pier, Capital Cities, Cage the Elephant, Papadosio, Blind Melon, The Doors, Mumford & Sons, HAIM,

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