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Experience:12 mg AMT - Nicely Surprised

Experience reports - AMT

  • Date: 16/01/2015
  • Gender: male
  • Weight: 65kg / 143lbs
  • Age: 22
  • Drug(/s) and dosage: 12mg AMT, R.O.A; oral (gel cap)
  • Setting: dosed at home, pre-drinking for a house party (chilled, drinks, music, friends) had eaten a light dinner several hours before.
  • Trip duration: 8hrs, total 11 hours to baseline then hangover.


The only interesting visual I noticed was that it felt like i was watching a film through my eyes and sometimes i could even see that the frame-rate slowed, this is similar to many (triple mono-amine agonists) stimulants for me.

Cannabis was smoked throughout the trip, shared so not a heavy sesh. This really reduced the nausea to a very bearable level which then subsided completely after and hour. 4 beers were also consumed, over the duration, this did not help nausea.

The onset began almost two hours after swallowing the gelcap on a fairly empty stomach. Smooth and sweet come-up which lasted a good two hours, on a bus en-route to the party. The effects (dopaminergic waves rushing down spine and peripheral nerves) came in waves which then subsided and then peaked, each peak was slightly different in effect than the last. I noticed mydrasis, visuals and temperature fluctuations before any bodyload or other effects, i noticed this because car headlights appeared to me as if i could see every strand of light, each photon in a plethora of colors and the lamp nearby was mesmerising and entrancing. After 8 hours some stimulation remained but combined with exhaustion created the feeling of malaise. 2.5mg etizolam was consumed to promote sleep.

After effects: very tired head and slight emotional exhaustion (similar to past psychedelic experiences despite this not being one). Mild hangover/depressive comedown lasted until evening of next day; physical tiredness.


I have found this dose to be worthy of a night out, similar to a small/medium dose of a (triple mono-amine agonist) stimulant; 8 hours of dopaminergic and serotonergic agonism, which goes well with a beer and a party, slight head-fuck trip and gentle body high. But that's just my experience. Never done a bigger dose, initially started at 8.5mg then to 10mg, then to 12mg then 15mg (on different occasions). All at parties/clubs and this was the most worthy. Slight but bearable hangover.


I really enjoyed this despite the setting being a warehouse party with a lot of unknown people there and etc. but was with a great group of friends.

Submitted by - C8H11NO2

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