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Experience:4F-EPH (15mg) - Untitled

Experience reports - 4F-EPH

  • Date: 07/03/2016
  • Gender: Male
  • Weight: 65 kg / 143 lbs
  • Age: 23
  • Drug/s and dosage:
    • Duloxetine HCL 605 mg taken for last 6 months [as an SNRI interacts with dopamine and with change effects for those not on dulox]
    • 155 mg 4f-EPH; insufflation (only dose, no allergy reaction)
    • Also, .25 g cannabis (lemon kush strain) smoked slowly
  • Duration: Almost instant effects (poss placebo), first effects ~10mins, come up ~20mins, plateau for ~40mins.
  • Setting: Woke up late, empty stomach, alone in the house with the cat. Doing chores and working on a paper.


T+00:02; placebo heart rate spike and stomach tingles

T+00:08;defo not just placebo, just emptied a full dishwasher, hung up a full washing machine load, hoovered two rooms (all in 8 minutes)and no have the urge to write this

T+00:10; I initially had my doubts, but at a 15mg insuff i am have a variety of effects, that dopaminergic rush. faster movement, although not always keeping accuracy.

T+00:15; slight stim euphoria, slight nausea, flushing of vascular system (perhaps change in blood pressure).

T+00:20; Lift in mood noticed, enjoying the light euphoria, similar to cocaine.

T+00:23; very motivated as above, fingers have gone cold. listening to Yo gotti 'got da sack' and other tunes very loudly in my house nude and dancing around and shit. very dehydrated. drank 1L of water, need some O.R.S.

T+00:24; Time seems to pass very quickly and thought processes seem faster.

T+00:32; I cant stop typing an article i am working on. going for a cigarette and also the 4f-eph defo encourages come up poos.

T+00:40; No drip has been noticable, nor any real ROA site sting. music is definitely more enjoyable. Slight brain fog at this point, find it hard to concentrate on work.

T+01:09; decrease in stimulant effects to a simple dopaminergic stim body load and slight cog effects. i smoke a cigarette.

T+01:25; Started writing a fiction novella i started a while ago and enjoying it, im still in the stages of character development.

T+01:30; Still stimulated but euphoria is subsiding, still very thirsty. Going to finish off the hoovering.

T+01:42; Stimulation is still present but very weak, almost no euphoria.

T+01:42; Stimulation comes in waves following by the classic stim-tight chest feeling. Vasoconstriction is strong in hands and especially a tight vasoconstriction in a wrist i broke 13years ago. Hands almost feel numb and the body load is becoming stronger, preceeding the cognitive rush. Will smoke a joint.

T+01:58; All effects have become negligible except for craving. Strong urge to redose.

T+02:15; give in to cravings and buy some other stimulsnt that I will do the trick. So the TR stops here.

Summary/Rating: Enjoyable, very moreish, i was surprised by the strength of 15mg. would be good pub grub [pub grub is a term for cocaine that you dont mind sharing about due to inexpensivity or low quality]... However, comparing this chemical based on this experience to either cocaine or amphetamines would not surffice. Had an almost cathinone deriative feel to it, less so that all other (m/ethyl)phenidates. Overall the experience was very weak.

Submitted by - C8H11NO2

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