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Experience: 25mg 2C-E (oral) - A mindblowing experience

Experience reports - 2C-E

  • Date: 01/03/2018
  • Substance: 2C-E
  • Dosage: 25 mg
  • ROA: oral
  • Age: 25
  • Gender: female
  • Height: 178 cm / 5ft10
  • Weight: ~57 kg / ~125 lbs
  • Setting: Inside my flat with my girlfriend who is also tripping
  • Medication: 300 mg spironolactone / 8 mg estradiol daily
  • Subjective effect tracker PDF


1:20 pm - I took 25 mg of 2C-E which I acquired through a good friend.

1:25 pm - My stomach already feels slightly uncomfortable. I can tell this is going to be a nauseating trip.

1:27 pm - I'm grinding my teeth ever so slightly and feel very subtly stimulated.

1:40 pm - I had a sudden urge to poop. I took it, and it was an unusually gross poop. The smell gave me an exaggerated nauseous response. Alongside this, I'm also starting to feel mildly stimulated with mild thought acceleration and mood elevation.

2:07 pm - I suddenly experienced a weird, unpleasant taste in my mouth. It feels like a phantom drip despite the fact that I did not insufflate this substance.

2:09 pm - At this point, I'm getting uncomfortably nauseous. My whole body is getting some sort of fuzzy electric body high. I'm also experiencing cognitive suppressions, and the clarity of my thoughts is distinctly decreased.

2:12 pm - I'm now getting very mild visual drifting in my peripheral vision.

2:13 pm - The stimulation has increased from mild to distinct. I'm finding it more and more difficult to type.

2:14 pm - I'm suddenly feeling unusually cold as if my bodies natural temperature regulation is no longer functioning.

2:15 pm - I'm getting mild geometry, and I have a weird feeling in my mouth. I'm noticing small details of my apartment that i wouldn't usually pay attention to. I also feel vaguely euphoric.

2:17 pm - I'm uncontrollably salivating a lot. The music I'm listening to sounds far better than it did before ingesting the drug.

2:19 pm - It's extremely difficult to pee and seem to have diarrhea. My stomach hurts, and I feel like I could vomit at any moment.

2:22 pm - When I stare at a fixed point, the geometry begins increasing from visual noise to something more complex and defined. My whole body is uncomfortable, and my back hurts.

2:24 pm - I feel very cold even though the room is warm. My hands are also sweating to an absurd degree.

2:25 pm - I'm getting pleasurable tactile enhancements on my hands when I rub them together or touch a surface.

2:28 pm - I'm seeing distinct drifting. The carpet is flowing and twisting around.

2:31 pm - I somehow feel uncomfortably warm and cold at the same time.

2:33 pm - I'm feeling really nauseous and have extreme stomach bloating, I look like I'm five months pregnant.

2:35 pm - My back hurts so much that I'm resorting to putting on a prescription strength lidocaine patch.

2:38 pm - While I'm struggling to urinate I notice the bathroom floor is flowing and that I have increased pattern recognition. I see what looks like a Mongolian warrior in the texture of the laminate flooring.

2:47 pm - I'm starting to feel VERY out of it.

2:49 pm - I'm getting very strong geometry over everything I see. The room around me has bright and cartoonish colours. The drifting is becoming very strong, and I need to lay down soon.

2:51 pm - My hands are shaking intensely.

2:54 pm - My whole body is now starting to shake too.

2:55 pm - I'm getting extremely strong brightly coloured geometry which is making it very difficult to see. I need to go lay down now.

5:58 pm - Mother of God. I have seen so much that it is difficult to withstand. I just spent what felt like a thousand lifetimes laying in bed with my girlfriend while experiencing complete and utter ego-death. I had no conception of who or what I was, but I felt incredibly calm and serene.

My brain has seemingly been rendering the maximum amount of endless, incomprehensible hallucinations that it possibly can at the expense of all other cognitive processes. I completely separated from my body and saw thousands upon thousands of extraordinarily vivid and detailed scenes of places, entities, and genuinely incomprehensible forms. I both saw these scenes in front of me and became them. I could feel every single detail of these vivid hallucinations as if they were my own body. They were more complex and detailed than anything that could possibly exist in the "real" world. A significant percentage of their forms defied all logic and appeared to be impossibly shaped.

The sheer intensity and amount of the breathtaking, incredible scenes eventually began to leave me completely overwhelmed with sensory overload. I tried to open my eyes and watch Planet Earth 2 which was playing on the screen in front of me in an attempt to take a break from what I was experiencing.

6:38 pm - I have come down ever so slightly and am now walking around my apartment just to hold on to the external environment and take a break from the thousands of lifetimes of content which I just experienced. I filled out the subjective effect tracker form and ate some food. As soon as I stop moving, I immediately drift off again into hallucinations.

6:52 pm - I am struggling to keep my eyes open, I feel incredibly mentally exhausted, and like I could pass out into unconsciousness any minute now.

7:00 pm - I tried watching a tv show called the man in the high castle. I felt incredibly emotionally invested in the world and the characters and had the feeling that I was glimpsing into an alternate reality.

9:00 pm - I'm entirely sober at this point with no visual effects. I feel on the verge of passing out from exhaustion, but my heart rate is still uncomfortably high and will not settle down. I took 0.5 mg of a Xanax which successfully allowed me to sleep.

10 am - The next day I woke up to go to work and felt completely normal, as if I hadn't tripped at all. I was fully expecting to have a horrendous comedown and to struggle at work, but this was not the case. I noticed that I could not entirely focus on complex high-level tasks such as proofreading the subjective effect index. However, routine tasks such as performing my job and interacting with people were perfectly fine. I actually felt quite mentally refreshed.


This trip was an absolutely mindblowing experience and easily the hardest I have tripped in over two years. It seems that somewhere in the mind, there is a button that triggers the brain into activating a "complete simulate render 3D hallucinate everything mode". 2C-E somehow presses this button perfectly.

I am completely baffled that the brain is even capable of rendering thousands upon thousands of scenes which are so detailed, intricate, and vivid that they are incomprehensible beyond anything which could ever occur within the real world. What possible evolutionary advantage could the presence of this mode of action have? Especially considering that it is usually only activated during the most obscure of situations, such as ingesting a synthetic phenethylamine psychedelic. These compounds could do a fraction of what they are capable of, and they would still be one of the most profound experiences available to a human being.

This trip truly pushed myself to the limits of what I could withstand and reignited my respect for these compounds. Although I could likely tolerate a heavier dosage of 2C-E, there would be no point as it would probably just involve me passing out into unconsciousness.

For my next hallucinogenic experiences, I will be ingesting Salvia divinorum at a wide range of dosages and documenting the results.

Thanks for reading.

Submitted by Josikins



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