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Experience:BK-2C-B - Various experiences

Experience reports - Bk-2C-B


The below is an account of experiences with BK-2C-B, it's a combination of effects experienced in various doses ranging from ±30mg up to 100mg.

Route of administration: It is widely documented on various forums that BK-2C-B reacts to contact with water and turns into a purple goo as a result, making it useless (and potentially dangerous) in that state. In someone's experience the best effects are achieved by dosing orally, on an empty stomach.

Wrap the measured dose in a rizla and wash it down with a small amount of water that has been acidified with a generous helping of lemon or lime concentrate. As stated before, water does not mix with this substance. Fill the glass with enough water for one regular sip of water (just enough to wash down the rizla) and add the concentrate to this in roughly a ratio of 1 part concentrate to 10 parts water. It's better to be generous with the concentrate. Acidifying the water means it will not turn the substance into a useless purple goo.

Consistency of effects: This person has had a variety of experiences with BK-2C-B, but always consistent effects. Research shows a lot of people seem to have very varied experiences with the substance, it seems the ROA described above gives the most reliable effects.

Duration: regardless of dosage, this substance's effects last a long time. The first effects are felt about 30 minutes - 1 hour after ingesting. After that the experience seems to be pretty stable throughout, reaching a peak roughly 1 hour after first effects are felt. The peak can last anywhere from 10 - 14 hours. The afterglow is very subtle, almost unnoticeable and lasts a further 1-2 hours.

Negative effects: Online there are people reporting strong headaches during the comedown. It seems that the substance increases the frequency of urination, which means it is important to stay hydrated throughout. Not doing so could possibly result in the headaches described on online forums. Nausea can be experienced during the come up, the nausea is generally mild and manageable, higher doses could induce purging (but this seems to be rare). For a full breakdown of negative physical effects please refer below.

Overall: BK-2C-B effects seem to follow the general head-space you are in and overall seems to be easy to control and steer by the tripper.

Notes: Combining BK-2C-B with cannabis greatly enhances it's tripping potential. Combined with cannabis BK-2C-B becomes a full blown level 8 psychedelic experience. This appears to also come with extra effects that some trippers might want to avoid, including ego death, deep introspection and feelings of impending doom. Even during the come-down stage of the BK-2C-B trip this effect can occur, as well as in the 2-3 hours after the BK-2C-B effects are completely gone. It is important to be aware of this as it might take some by surprise and can be very overwhelming when not expected.

It is also important to note that in some instances BK-2C-B can cause temporary retraction of the testicles, as well as mild dental discomfort. The latter only appears to occur when BK-2C-B is taken on a regular basis.

Tolerance: As with most phenylethylamines and tryptamines the body builds up tolerance to the substance quickly after ingesting. Tolerance lasts for up to 7 days, during which period effects of the substance are greatly diminished.

Final note: It is important to note that the above effects are based on a relatively small pool of experience and in no way fully represents the full effects of this substance. Always use caution and do plenty of research.

Submitted by - Alavu

Effects analysis

Physical effects

Cognitive effects

BK-2C-B has a very neutral head-space, unlike the deeply emotional experience of psilocybin for instance. It does seem to have a very mild empathogenic effect.

Visual effects

At lower doses the visual effects of BK-2C-B are negligible, at higher doses they seem to be comparable to a mild psilocybin trip.